End-User conference in Stirling (UK) for CLIMA project

On 24th November 2015, in Stirling (UK), it has been helded the End Users workshop of the project “Cultural Landscape risk Identification, Management and Assessment” (CLIMA).

The End Users conference aimed at presenting the project to potential end-users, and to receive back guidelines and expert advices, in a way to improve the potentiality and the applicability of the project results.

Many useful input come out from the meeting, that will be taken in consideration during the platform’s design and development.

From the discussion emerged that CLIMA could help propose best practice, and would be well placed to be critical of current policy in light of archaeological findings at a local, national and European level.

The development of the CLIMA system for specific risk assessment and mapping will also be important in providing an evidence base for discussing broader trends in archaeological preservation, risk and protection.

End users present at the workshop were: Flavia Trucco (Soprintendenza ai Beni archeologici del Lazio e dell’Etruria Meridionale, IT), Dave Cowley (Historic Environment Scotland, UK), Geoff Bailey (Falkirk Council, UK), Murray Cook (Stirling Council, UK), Vasiliki Lysandrou (Cyprus University of Technology and Cyprus Remote Sensing Society, CY).