The CLIMA Consortium

CLIMA consortium has been established in order to ensure top quality in the execution of all different kind of areas which are part of the project. Partners of the CLIMA consortium provide full coverage and complement each other within the different technical disciplines, which are required by the scope of the project with a very high level of integration between the partners.

Università degli Studi della Tuscia (IT), Department of Cultural Heritage Sciences

Head of the project.

In charge of satellite and ground-based mapping and detection of exposed and buried archaeological remains and risk assessment methodology

  • Stefano De Angeli, associate professor in Classical Archaeology, project manager.
  • Salvatore De Vincenzo, associate professor in Classical Archaeology
  • Marina Micozzi, associate professor in Etruscology
  • Elisabetta De Minicis, associate professor in Medieval Archaeology
  • Giuseppe Romagnoli, researcher in Landscape Archaeology
  • Fabiana Battistin, Ph.D. student in Archaeology, risk assessment procedures
  • Ilaria Miccoli, Ph.D. student in Archaeology, aerial and satellite observation
  • Federico Moresi, Ph.D. in Geology, GPR and GIS technician
  • Giancarlo Pastura, Ph.D. in Archaeology, GPR and laser scanner technician
  • Filippo Bozzo, archaeologist, topographer
  • Giuseppe Scardozzi, researcher in Ancient Topography (IBAM, CNR, Lecce), aerial and satellite observation
  • Laura Cancellieri, Ph.D. in Botanics, vegetation field survey
  • Riccardo Salvati, researcher in Agroforestry (CNR, Castel Porziano), drone survey for vegetation monitoring
  • Matteo Serpetti, archaeologist, field survey and GIS technician
  • Roberto Montagnetti, Ph.D. in Archaeology, drone survey for mapping
  • Massimo Romanelli, financial management
  • Renato Zompanti, field technician
University of Stirling (UK), Geoarchaeology and Environmental History Research Cluster

In charge of development and testing of ground based erosion tool.

  • Clare Wilson, Lecturer
  • Andrew Tyler

Cyprus Univerity of Technology (CY), Remote Sensing and Geo-environment Laboratory

In charge of land and structure stability and soil erosion evaluation.

  • Diofantos Hadjimitsis, Professor and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
  • Athos Agapiou, Research Fellow
  • Branka Cuca, Research Fellow
  • Euagoras Euagorou , Research Assistant
  • Dimitris Kouhartsiouk, Research Assistant
  • Phaedon Kyriakidis , Professor and Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics
  • Vasiliki Lysandrou, Research Fellow
  • Argyro NisantziResearch Fellow
  • Kyriakos ThemistocleousResearch Fellow
  • Marios TzouvarasPhD candidate
Alma Sistemi Srl (IT), Consulting for Space

In charge of the design and implementation of CLIMA platform.

  • Alessio Di Iorio, Managing Director
  • Andrea Di Iorio, Programmer
  • Roberto Filippone, Project Manager
  • Gabriele Lucani, Webdesigner
  • Maria Cristina Salvi, Remote sensing and GIS analyst

University of Copenhagen (DK), Department of Geoscience and Natural resource management

In charge land use and vegetation change detection processing chain.

  • Martin Rudbeck Jepsen, Associate professor
  • Christin Abel, Research Assistant